About us

The joint venture between ACIERIES ET LAMINOIRS DE RIVES and MARTIN SCHIENENTECHNIK leverages the technical expertise of both companies.
ALR’s knowledge of rolled steel profiles and MST’s experience in insulation provide ALMAR with the high technological level to distribute sophisticated insulated rail joints.
ALMAR is dedicated to the commercialisation of the products using the production facilities of ALR and MST.

Austrian Factory

Martin Schienentechnik KG is a managed family business from Austria.

The company has been manufacturing high-quality products for the railroad sector since its foundation.

The portfolio ranges from (brake) buffer stops, switch heaters (Switch Heater Systems), insulated rail joints and to services such as maintenance.

Due to our quality and know-how, our products are in demand and appreciated worldwide.

French Factory

Aciéries et Laminoirs de Rives represents the Rolling Mill division of the Forlam group.

Founded in 1976, the factory is specialised in production of railtrack systems and equipments.

With 35,000m² of production area, we process an average of 50,000 tons of steel per year and meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.



Expert in insulated rail joints uses the technical skill of both companies ALR (Forlam Group) and MARTIN SCHIENENTECHNIK to propose insulated joint concept.
The offer meets European standards and the required specifications. For this we have a laboratory with high-performance means of control and adapted to the particular quality requirements of our products.

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